2017 Data Harvest Schedule

The MSTCVS Harvest Schedule is now the same as the National Harvest Schedule. Once you are satisfied with the quality of your STS data file during the data submission time period, you may upload the file on the ARMUS website. File Upload Instructions.

MSTCVS Data Quality Checker

The MSTCVS Data Quality Checker is a tool developed by the MSTCVS Quality Collaborative exclusively for the Michigan Data Managers, and can be downloaded by clicking here. This tool will allow you to analyze your harvest file for the following quality checks:

  • Diabetes – Risk factor Diabetes is no and A1c level is > than 6.5.
  • Prolonged Vent– Prolonged Ventilation is yes and post operative ventilation hours are < 24.
    Prolonged Ventilation is no and post operative ventilation hours are > 24.
  • Discharge Date-Date of Discharge is missing or is prior to Admission Date or Surgery Date.
  • Length of Stay-Post op length of stay is < 2 days, discharge location is not “Other Acute Care Hospital” or “Hospice”, procedure is not “Transcatheter Valve Replacement” and mortality is no.
  • Severe Chronic Lung Disease– Risk factor Chronic Lung Disease is none, mild or moderate and FEV1 is < 50 or PO2 < 60 or PCO2 > 50.
  • Cath Date-Cardiac Catheterization Performed is yes and Cath Date is missing or is greater than 3 years prior to Surgery Date.
  • Renal Failure– Renal Failure is no and Postoperative Creatinine Level > 4mg/dL (rise of 0.5 or more) or 3x > Last Creatinine preoperatively or Dialysis (newly required) is yes.
  • Extubated in OR-Extubation in OR is yes and Initial Extubation Date and Time are after OR Exit Date and Time.
  • Cross Clamp Time-Cross Clamp Time is < Cardiopulmonary Bypass Time and CPB Utilization is “Full or “Combination” and Circulatory Arrest is no.
  • Readmission Date– Readmission is yes and Readmission Date is missing or is prior to Discharge Date.

2017 MSTCVS Quality Collaborative Performance Index Information


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