PERForm v4.0 is live as of October 1, 2018.  Armus, the registry vendor, has migrated data (hospital, surgeon, and perfusionist information) for participating hospitals from v3.0 to v4.0.

Version 3.0 verse 4.0 Date Entry:  Please enter data into the appropriate version based on the actual OR entry time.   All patients entering the OR prior to midnight on Sunday, September 30th should be submitted into v3.0; all cases entering the OR from midnight into the October 1st am should be submitted into v4.0.  PERForm v3.0 will be available for editing and back filling of data for a period of at least several weeks after the launch of v4.0.

New User Name and Passwords:  The Armus support team should have contacted registered user via email to provide a link to the new database, Hybrid application, your username (which will be slightly different than your previous username), and information on setting up or resetting your password. If you believe you are a registered user and have not been contacted by Armus, please contact either Don Nieter, PERForm Quality Initiative Coordinator at 734-998-0467 or Armus Desk, 800-94ARMUS  (800-942-7687).

Training Sessions:  Armus will provide training sessions. Please register for training session date(s) and time(s) via the link.

If you have questions or comments regarding the training session, please be sure to relay those to the moderator after the training session or send the questions and comments to Armus Desk.

FAQs:   A Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) link is now available for questions regarding data field interpretations, definitions, etc. may be submitted.  A team of Quality Collaborative members and clinical perfusionists will provide answers.  Please check our current list of frequently asked questions.