About the MSTCVS Quality Collaborative

The Michigan Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons (MSTCVS) Quality Collaborative is a multidisciplinary group of medical professionals dedicated to improving the care of adult cardiac and general thoracic surgery patients in Michigan.

The Collaborative promotes and shares optimal processes of care and cardiac and general thoracic surgery outcomes and implements quality improvement initiatives based on regional and national data as well as clinical research and evidence based cardiac and thoracic surgery practice and guidelines.

The MSTCVS Quality Collaborative Coordinating Center Staff


Dr. Richard Prager 
MSTCVS QC Project Director

Dr. Donald Likosky 
PERForm Registry Director

Patty Theurer

Patty Theurer
MSTCVS QC Project Manager

5/4/16 Cardiac Surgery headshots

Dave Grix 
Education and Audit Coordinator

Sherry Binder
Education and Audit Coordinator

Melissa Clark
Quality Initiatives Coordinator

Barb Benedetti

Barbara Benedetti 
Administrative Assistant

5/4/16 Cardiac Surgery headshots

Lourdes Cabrera
Clinical Research Coordinator

07/11/17 Cardiac Surgery Faculty

Raquel Hazzard
Admin/Project Coordinator

07/11/17 Cardiac Surgery Faculty

Chang He 
Statistician Senior

Jing Lu

Jing Lu
Database Analyst

Don Nieter
PERForm Quality Initiative Coordinator