Few robust clinical registries exist to collect data regarding the practice of Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB). In addition, most of these do not have sufficient validation to reflect, confidently and accurately, the volume or practice of CPB. The PERForm registry has been created to fill this void.

PERForm has been designed to augment ongoing collection of data reflecting cardiac surgical practices. PERForm and surgical data are linked using our published algorithm. These linked data offer the participant or participants with a more comprehensive and informed version of operative practices and their impact on clinical outcomes.

PERForm  provides participants with quarterly benchmark reports reflecting CPB practices. Centers are now able to compare discrete perfusion practices to other institutions, and identify the relationship between these practices and clinical outcomes. Additionally, centers may use these data to support quality assurance and improvement.

The PERForm Registry, which is embedded in the MSTCVS Quality Collaborative, has collaborated with AmSECT for mutual endorsement.  This relationship will provide AmSECT members a common platform for assessing the quality and safety of cardiopulmonary bypass for their patients. Those participating in the PERForm registry will receive quarterly quality reports that benchmark their practice against other PERForm registry participants.  In addition, PERForm will have access to AmSECT’s experts and thought leaders to enhance the scientific underpinnings of future investigative work. 

Interested in PERForm?

To learn more about the PERForm Registry or if you would like to join, please fill out our application and someone will contact you shortly.

PERForm Registry Staff

Donald Likosky, PhD, PERForm Registry Director

Don Nieter, DVM, MHSA, CCP-Emeritus, PERForm Quality Initiative Coordinator

Raquel Hazzard, PERForm Project Assistant

Data Harvest Schedule

For surgical and perfusion data the MSTCVS PERForm Harvest Schedule coincidence with the STS National Harvest Schedule.  To ensure the accuracy of the PERForm Registry quarterly reports, please double-check that all perfusion cases have been entered into the PERForm database no later than a week after the end of the national harvest schedule.

Non-Michigan PERForm Registry Sites: Once you are satisfied with the quality of your surgical data, please upload this file through MiShare, coping Jing Lu at jinglu@med.umich.edu.  Instructions on uploading your data  files.