Performance Index and Site Specific QI Information

Every March each MSTCVS Quality Collaborative site receives an annual BCBSM Pay-for-Performance (P4P) score that is developed annually by the coordinating center and the Quality Committee.   The measures and corresponding weights tied to each measure is referred to as the site’s Performance Index scorecard.  Unblinded data is presented at all MSTCVS Quality Collaborative quarterly meetings related to site specific and statewide initiatives for benchmarking against all 33 Michigan sites.   Click for a copy of the MSTCVS Performance index and information on other forms related to site specific and collaborative-wide reports.


Click here for the following MSTCVS Quality Collaborative Forms
MSTCVS Other Readmission Report Template;  Cardiac Surgery Phase of Care Mortality Analysis (POCMA) Form; TAVR Phase of Care Mortality Analysis (POCMA) Form; Phase of Care Evaluation of Readmissions (POCER); Professional Development and Enrichment Funds (PDE) Policy and Request Form; Professional Development and Enrichment Funds (PDE) Reimbursement PolicyCardiovascular Surgery 30-Day Patient Follow-Up

PERForm Registry Resource Page

The 2.9 MSTCVS Adult Cardiac Data Quality Checker is coming soon

The MSTCVS Data Quality Checker is a tool developed by the MSTCVS Quality Collaborative exclusively for the Michigan Data Managers, and can be downloaded by clicking here.  To see what this tool will allow you to analyze your harvest file click here.

Data Harvest Schedules

Once you are satisfied with the quality of your STS data file during the data submission time period, you may upload the file on the ARMUS website. Click for harvest schedule and file uploading instructions.

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