The Michigan Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons and MSTCVS Quality Collaborative Welcomes You!

From its inception in 1965, The Michigan Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons has devoted itself to the goal of maintaining the highest standards of quality in our profession and specialty. Our annual summer meeting is held each year in August, and advances this goal through education and discussion of important issues in our field. It also encourages camaraderie, and engenders collaboration and cooperation among its members. In addition, the annual meeting attracts national and international leaders not only in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery but in other disciplines to present their topics of interest in some of the most beautiful sites northern Michigan has to offer. Anyone involved in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery is welcome.

The history of our society is quite unique, and its high points are outlined in the section under “MSTCVS History” on this website. Under “Education and Training,” moreover, one can see various webinars hosted by our national society which we deem important material for our members. Also available are videos of lectures and photos from previous summer meetings and from various Michigan open heart programs.

In 2001 the MSTCVS Quality Collaborative was born. From the beginning it was designed to unite all of the state’s cardiothoracic surgeons, along with their co-workers and representatives, for the sole purpose of examining the results of cardiac surgery in all of the 33 open heart programs in Michigan. We meet quarterly to exhaustively review in an unblinded fashion the results of each program, and systematically scrutinize certain cases using “phase of care mortality analysis” (POCMA). The Quality Collaborative now also examines general thoracic surgery, transcatheter, aortic valve replacement, and perfusion data. The Society of Thoracic Surgeons’ national database warehoused in Durham, North Carolina is the most sophisticated and thorough database for any medical specialty in the world and it serves as the framework for our data gathering and analysis. In 2006 the MSTCVS Quality Collaborative became Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s third endorsed group in Michigan for quality improvement. Monies and grants from this organization have generously been given to assist in accurate data gathering, frequent audits and projects at individual hospitals designed to improve quality. The data managers hired by each hospital are extraordinarily thorough in their completeness and accuracy with which they input data.

MSTCVS surgeons work closely with their perfusionists on a day-by-day basis and  through collaboration with the Michigan Perfusion Society (MPS), whose mission statement appears on its website. Our annual meeting coincides with the MPS meeting in the same location, and we often share joint lectures and discussions.

In an effort to improve the quality and safety of cardiac surgical care, the MSTCVS Quality Collaborative has developed the Perfusion Measures and Outcomes (PERForm) Registry.  PERForm is a multi-institutional cardiovascular perfusion database focusing on the practice and outcomes of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB). Participating centers receive quarterly benchmarking reports, which serve as the foundation for multi-institutional quality improvement initiatives.


MSTCVS Mission Statement:

The mission of the Society, from the beginning, has been to promote the highest standards of practice among Michigan’s thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons, to ensure that patients receive the highest quality care, and to bring their members together annually to foster a cohesive group and single voice in order to face the changing socioeconomic issues of the times.

The MSTCVS annual meeting brings its mission to fruition by scheduling the finest of surgeon speakers, emphasizing a Quality Assurance initiative, presenting innovative products and services, and cultivating future thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons by sponsoring an annual Resident Surgeon Competition.

MSTCVS Quality Collaborative Mission Statement:

The Michigan Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons Quality Collaborative is a multidisciplinary group of medical professionals dedicated to improving the care of cardiac and general thoracic surgery patients in Michigan.

The MSTCVS Quality Collaborative promotes and shares optimal processes of care and cardiac and general thoracic surgery outcomes and implements quality improvement initiatives based on regional and national data as well as clinical research and evidence based cardiac and thoracic surgery practice and guidelines.

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